Taqwa Institute of Physiotherapy & Health Sciences (TIPHS) was established in 2020 to offer Doctor in Physical Therapy (5 years Degree Program). Since its establishment, TIPHS is affiliated with University of Karachi. We began our journey with merely one vision, that is, to provide medical education in the most affordable way to the public as possible. Although, in the beginning we faced a lot of challenges in balancing between top notch education with students’ affordability. But today, by the Grace of Almighty Allah, our institute has grown exponentially in the past 3 years. Nevertheless, our vision has remained the same. 

In the past, TIPHS started as an institute that was solely providing DPT education. However, we also analyzed the ever-urgent demand of paramedical staff and its lack of availability in the country specially during the health crisis of COVID-19. Hence, we also buckled up to prepare health force to overcome the gap between the demand and the availability of paramedics. And then, we evolved ourselves and our institute became an educational organization that started to provide paramedical diplomas in multiple programs as well.

Furthermore, our institute has affiliations with multiple renowned tertiary care hospitals to facilitate clinical exposure of our medical and paramedical students.

To promote welfare system in the society we thrive, we have provided fully funded paramedical education to an entire batch of deserving students.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, TIPHS is achieving its vision and I pray for its consistent journey in a sustainable manner.