Taqwa Institute of Physiotherapy & Health Sciences was established in 2020 to offer a 5-year Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT) program on affiliation basis with University of Karachi. The institute has a sole purpose in its roots, that is, maintaining an educational body with consistency and sustainability by providing best scenarios of learning to the students in terms of facilities and the faculty. The context of our education is based on student-centered learning and the deliverance of evidence based knowledge. It has been 3 years now and in this regard, we are in continuous growth from where we had begun. Currently, we are fully equipped with providing state of the art learning facilities as well as the teachers that have gone through multiple evaluations (before becoming the part of our institute) in terms of evidence based knowledge, awareness of current technology, demonstrative capabilities and professionalism. We do not compromise in any regard in terms of providing knowledge to the students and assisting them to comply in the current era. Furthermore, we continuously analyse and monitor the quality of education we maintain and currently, our institute falls under X category in terms of Minimum Quality Standard (MQS) via DLI-4 Rating proposed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) for affiliated colleges.

Dr. Shamma Tabassum

Principal / Assistant Professor
Taqwa Institute of Physiotherapy and Health Sciences