Taqwa Institute of Medical and Health Sciences, we opened the doors to a world of compassion and courage as we gathered for Paramedics Orientation Day of our Batch 12 held on 4th June 2024. It was a day where dreams of making a difference in people’s lives transformed into a commitment to serving our communities. From mastering life-saving skills to understanding the true essence of empathy, our students commenced on a journey that went beyond textbooks. Dr. Shamma Tabassum (Principal, TIPHS) , Dr. Rooman Shah (Director, Paramedics) and Miss Iqra Hussain elaborated the paramedical courses importance and guided the students that every individual has the potential to achieve greatness and it is our mission to unlock that potential through a comprehensive and empowering educational experience.
We wish these future paramedics as they stepped into this world, ready to face challenges head-on with determination and compassion. We believed in them, and together, we inspired hope, one patient at a time.