Medical Imaging Assistant (Ultrasound)

  • 1 year Program.
  • SBTE approved Curriculum followed.

Learning And Teaching Strategies

  • Presentation/Assignment/Seminar
  • Tutorials
  • Skill labs
  • Projects
  • Clinical Practice (Supervised/Independent)

Clinical Training

Students of TIPHS have an exclusive advantage to be a part of an organization with the large setup of tertiary care hospitals. The clinical training provides a better chance of learning and practicing the skills in the field hence, prepares future technician to play an important role in the improvement of healthcare quality in society.

Course Study


  • Program:  Medical Imaging Assistant (Ultrasound)
  • Program Type:  Condensed
  • Duration:  1 year
  • Level:  Certified
  • Study: Full time
  • Eligibility: Matric (Biology)
  • Attendance: 70% Attendance is compulsory
  • Eligibility: The candidate must secure fifty percent (50%) in Theory & Practical as per Curriculum
  • Age Limit: 35 years for males and females including Govt employees (no lower age limit)
  • Syllabus:   SBTE Approved Curriculum
  • Total training hours:  400
  • Course:  Semester Based
  • Total semesters  2-Semesters
  • Semester duration: 6 months per semester

Minimum Degree Requirements:
 This program comprises a minimum of 624 training hours.

First Semester

Medical Imaging Lab Assistant - Training & Evaluation System
SubjectTheory Training HoursClinical /Practical Training hoursTotal Training Hours
Core Course of Allied Health Sciences141138279
Radiological Anatomy3978117
Imaging equipment, Accessories; maintenance and Quality Assurance2781108
Radiographic Techniques3090120

Second Semester

Medical Imaging Lab Assistant - Training Plan
Types of TrainingTotal Training HoursDaily Training HoursWeekly Training HoursMonthly Training Hourstotal No of Months
Institute Training23739366
Clinical Training387420805
Vacations & Other Activities
1 Months
Total of 1 Year

12 Months


The overall understanding of health system would help AHPs to relate their own performance with the objectives and performance of their parent department. This would also help them to better integrate with the teams of health professionals of which they would be integral part.

Program Structure

Ensure that the X-Ray films of the patients from wards are sent to the wards as as Radiologist has written the report.

Ensure safe custody of all the accessories of the X-Ray unit of which s/ he is in charge. Keeps the X-Ray rooms locked when not in use. Understand and observes health and safety precautions/instructions for self and others protection. Wears dosimeter during duty. Ensure that cardiac and respiratory stimulants are at hand, whenever any special investigation with contrast media is being undertaken.

Ensures that the unit is not misused. Confirms that the unit and the room where it is installed are cleaned at the commencenment and the termination of work and additionally if required.
That daily account of the X-Ray films expended is kept by making entries in the Stock Book and whenever, film packets are taken out of the stores. Learns new techniques and technologies as required by professional bodies. Imparts appropriate training to students and other staff.